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The Learning Resource Network (LRN) is an awarding body renowned for its creation of qualifications tailored for educational institutions, independent learning providers, and employers. LRN has gained recognition for its extensive portfolio of international English qualifications, designed to showcase individuals' English language proficiency for professional and personal growth. These qualifications hold international acclaim, serving as concrete evidence of the skills and competencies required by educational institutions, professional organizations, and government bodies.

In addition to its well-established ESOL qualifications, LRN has expanded its global reach and now offers qualifications in Business and Education and Training. In the development of these qualifications, LRN's project team drew upon the expertise of academics, professionals within the respective industries, and colleagues possessing rich experience and knowledge in validation, verification, delivery, and assessment methodologies. LRN takes pride in providing its clientele with qualifications that are not only easy to administer but also cost-effective and user-friendly.

LRN Courses

Undergraduate Faculty

Certificate/ Diploma/ Level 3 Programs
Certificate/ Diploma/Foundation (Level 3) levels are entry level qualifications in its relevant field.
  • Marketing (Cert/ Dip)
  • Digital Marketing (Cert/ Dip)
  • Business Law (Cert/ Dip)
  • Business Management (Cert/ Dip / L3 )
  • Human Resource Management (Cert/ Dip / L3)
  • Accounting & Finance (Cert/ Dip/ L3)
  • Banking (Cert/ Dip)
  • Islamic Banking (Cert/ Dip)
  • Project Management (Cert/ Dip)
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Cert/ Dip/ L3)
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management (Cert/ Dip/ L3 )
  • International Supply Chain Operations (Cert/ Dip)
  • Computerized Accounting (Cert/ Dip)
  • Computerized Payroll (Cert/ Dip)
  • Computerized Accounting for Business (Cert/ Dip)
  • Business Management
  • Business & Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship

  • Cyber Security (Cert/Dip/ Level 3)
  • Information Technology (Cert/ Dip/Level3 )
  • IT Networking (Cert/ Dip/ Level 3)
  • Graphic Designing (Cert/ Dip/ Level 3)
  • IT Web Designing (Cert/ Dip/ Level 3)
  • Data Science (Cert/ Dip)
  • E- Commerce (Cert/ Dip)
  • MS – Office Package (Cert/ Dip)

  • Health & Social Care (Cert/ Dip/ L3 )
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management (Cert/ Dip / L3)
  • Specialist Support for Teaching & Learning in Schools (Cert/ Dip/ L3)
  • Education & Training (Cert/ Dip/ L3)
  • Employability & Workplace Skills (Cert/ Dip)
  • Psychology (Cert/ Dip / L3 )
  • Child Psychology (Cert/ Dip)
  • Teacher Training (Cert/ Dip / L3 )
  • UK Associated Montessori Internationale ( Dip )
  • Early Childhood Education (Cert/ Dip/ L3 )
  • Health & Safety Management (Cert/ Dip/ L3)
  • Special Needs Education (Cert/ Dip/ L3)
  • Counseling (Cert/ Dip/ L3)
  • Occupational Safety (Cert/ Dip)
  • Law (Cert/ Dip/ L3)
  • Business English (Cert/ Dip)
  • Spoken English (Cert/ Dip)
  • Academic English (Cert/ Dip)
  • ESOL/IESOL (Cert/ Dip)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • (TEFL) (Cert/ Dip)
  • English (Cert/ Dip / Level 3)

  • Quantity Surveying (Cert/ Dip / Level 3 )
  • Civil Engineering (Cert/ Dip / Level 3 )
  • Construction Project Management
  • Engineering (Cert/ Dip/ Level 3)
  • Interior & Spatial Designing (Cert/ Dip)
  • Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD) (Cert/ Dip)
  • Building Design & Technology (Cert/ Dip)
  • Building Info Modeling with Revit Architecture (Cert/ Dip)
  • Project Planning & Control (Cert/ Dip)
  • Primavera P6 (Cert/ Dip)
  • Architectural 3D Visualization (Cert/ Dip)
  • Product Design & 3D Visual (Cert/ Dip)
  • Structural Analysis & Design (Cert/ Dip)

Higher Diploma Programs

The Level 4 and Level 5 diploma qualifications are comparable to the first and second years, respectively, of a typical three-year UK Bachelor's degree program. Each level comprises 120 credits. Successful completion of either Level 4 or Level 5 qualifications will allow learners to advance to the subsequent year of a three-year UK degree program.

Graduate Diploma Programs / Degree (Top Up)

The Level 6 diploma qualifications are comparable to the third year (final) of a three-year UK Bachelor's degree program. The level comprises 120 credits. Successful completion of either Level 6 qualifications will allow learners to advance towards the next academic level.

  • Quantity Surveying
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Project Management
  • Construction Management

  • Psychology

Postgraduate Faculty

Postgraduate Diploma

Postgraduate diplomas are structured as taught courses at level 7 within the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). To attain a full Masters degree, learners must advance to the dissertation stage in collaboration with a university.

Master Programs