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UK & EU Qualifications

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The ENC business faculty helps to mould students into an amazing, real world problem solver ready to navigate uncertainty, risk, and change. Incubating all academic theories practically and leading them to apply in their field of work as professionals be like a Strategic manager, Team leader, Entrepreneur, or Finance professionals.


The arts & humanities faculty’s motive is to craft students into an knowledgeable individuals of the society with the talent of improving good human behavior & relationships in either personal life and professional pathway. Taking up responsibilities like innovative leaders, consultant, counsellor, lawyer, educators, social care workers and many such other professionals.


This engineering faculty of ENC has developed a team with professional lecturers in order to grow students with ability and train them to be a critical thinker, Develop technologies, innovate and develop new ideas, and specialize them in fields like; electrical, mechanical, civil engineering and many more.


The Information Technology Faculty at ENC aims to sculpt students to improve their techno-commercial skills with mandatory skills of productivity, proficiency and creating innovative solutions in IT. The key roles like network engineers, software developers, system analysts and many more as IT has become the backbone of any modern organization across all industries.

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  • In 2020, I joined European Nations Campus (ENC) to follow the Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership offered by Qualify UK. Within six month, I could successfully complete the PGD even in this pandemic period due to the utmost commitment of Lecturers and the staff of ENC. Excellent facilities such as on-line lectures, e-library, advices and guidance from Lecturers and the staff helped and inspired me to achieve the above success.

    Further, I had a great and an enjoyable time at ENC during the period of my studies. I take this opportunity to thank the Chairman, Lecturers and all staff of ENC for providing the best facilities and all the support to obtain the above PGD.

    Finally, I wish to recommend this esteemed Institution to anyone who wishes to pursue their higher education in their selected fields.

    Mr. H. Nihal Somasantha
    Senior Assistant Director - Central Bank
  • “Nothing can prepare you for the ‘real world’ completely but ENC did a great job of giving me an educational background that made me feel confident about my level of knowledge and experience when I entered my career. The level of field experience I gained at ENC gave me an excellent view on how various educational systems operate. I would recommend ENC to one and all”

    Mr. Damian De Silva
    Lecturer (CIMA/ACCA)
  • ENC is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning. I feel good to study at ENC as it gives good opportunities as well as support from the Lecturers and placement officers. It was a wonderful experience.

    Mr. Krishan Fernando
    Assistant Manager - Hyundai Abans Sri Lanka
  • “I am very happy and thank ENC for their outstanding study materials that are simple to understand and enable students to complete studies in short periods of time with a great wealth of knowledge. I have successfully completed my PGD and now applied for MBA, I’m fully satisified with ENC’s services ”

    Mr. Rameez Malik
    Division Manager - Matrix Sri Lanka
  • “The applicable lessons I learned as a student at ENC contributed to my future success. I am grateful for the education faculty as they were influential in my studies and dedicated to my success as a student”

    Ms. Abhisheka Sri Kanthan
    Consultant - International Education & Business Consultancy
  • “I am extremely proud to be a graduate of ENC. My thanks to ENC for the opportunity to advance my knowledge and skills to be a better manager and serve more effectively, and for the strong commitment, guidance and support for persons like me trying to advance academic knowledge while pursuing their career”

    Mr. Nuwan Sameera
    Assistant Manager - ABC Pharma Services (Pvt) Ltd
  • “I am very happy to have chosen European Nations Campus to do my UK PGD in Accounting & Finance. ENC has an impeccable reputation for their qualification and the quality of the program is great. I was impressed by their high-level industrial expert Lectures, friendly and challenging atmosphere, outstanding colleagues and last, but not least, the very friendly and helpful administration staff. I would highly recommend ENC’s qualification to anyone wanting to grow both as a professional and as a person”

    Mr MNM. Mafaz
    Branch Manager - Softlogic Holding Plc
  • “I express my sincere gratitude for the education I received and have thoroughly enjoyed. ENC expanded my education and prepared my career development.” The feeling of designing my life whilst being supported by ENC is just great!”

    Mr. Iran Perera
    Relationship Manager - Allianz Insurance Lanka Limited
  • “With honour I say has made a remarkable impact in my life. I gained a job while still training and studying at European Nations Campus. I am managing effectively and going places thanks to you. Very satisifed with the services that ENC provides to its students”

    Mr. Chaminda Bandara
    Relationship Executive - Allianz Insurance Lanka Limited
  • “I would like to inform everyone that European Nations Campus is great beyond doubt. This institute gave me the zeal of learning to achieve even higher levels with you.”

    Mr. Ashfak Ahamed
    Junior Marketing Executive - Arpico Finance Company PLC
  • “I thank European Nations Campus for providing great and outstanding services. The program was very interesting and essential for my career development. It has been a very nice journey, I would highly recommend ENC to anyone and everyone”

    Mr. Danusha Pathirage
    Finance & Administration Executive - StretchTec (Pvt) Limited
  • “If I had to choose again to do an EduQual – UK PGDBMS, ENC would appear once more on the top of my list, as it gives the opportunity to its students to receive a PGD Master Qualification with international recognition combined with international education and environment. I very much enjoyed the great moments I had during classes and I have made strong bonds with many corporate friends while studying at ENC”

    Mr Wijayathunga Nishantha
    Quality Control Manager - Jatmo Steel Rolling (Pvt) Ltd
  • “I am proud of European Nations Campus’s study methods. In a short time it has transformed my talents and abilities into value and use in the work place and the community. The feeling of designing my life whilst being supported by ENC is just great!”

    Mr. Mohamed Mujeeb
    Senior Accountant - AL QAMRA Facilities Management
  • “ENC’s guidance & education helped me to achieve so much in my life, I was able to study at my own pace while working. The staff were very helpful. The whole period was an easy one thanks to ENC. I did it, you can do it too”

    Sajith Hettiarachi
    Executive - Amana Bank PLC
  • “The Strategic Management & Leadership education I received at European Nations Campus helped me to achieve so much in my life, I was able to study at my own pace while working. I did it, you can do it too”

    Mr. Gihan Chamith Iroshana
    Senior Customer Executive - Royal Ceramics Lanka
  • “My favorite part about attending European Nations Campus was to do distance learning. Having the online classes working with my schedule was awesome, and also everyone that’s spoken to me have been super helpful. I recommend ENC to anyone and everyone.”

    Mr Mohamed Jeswan
    Senior Accountant (Oman)
  • “The greatest part of attending European Nations Campus was how easy it was to fit my education in my busy schedule. I did my PGD in Business & Marketing Strategy at ENC and I really felt drawn to the course. It has been a fantastic journey that I would always be grateful for”

    Ms. Shalini Veronika
    Software Quality Engineer - Pearson (UK)
  • “I did my PGD in Business Management at ENC. The lecturers really care about their students, they get to know you on a personal level and are there to help you out anytime which I really appreciate. Also, the professors put a lot of time into their students and their lessons. Their teaching plans were laid out thoughtfully. I would recommend ENC to anyone who’s planning to complete their higher education”

    Mr. Chandana Jayathilaka
    Major - Sri Lanka Army
  • “I chose to do my PGD+ MBA at European Nations Campus. I loved how small the classes were and how I was able to really get to know all of my lecturers and classmates. This made a huge impact on my education. I truly nominate ENC for the best institute and for all those who are looking for a great institute.”

    Mr Azam Buharideen
    Senior Accountant - Al Dahira Star Trading LLC
  • “My education classes at ENC gave me many experiences like getting in front of a room of people to present or educate. I have far more confidence now than I did when I entered college. My PGD classes have given me a better understanding of the corporate and financial world, its elements and how I can push myself as well as my practice, to the next level”

    Mr. Maheswaran Darmapathi
    Accounts Executive - Lauterjung Shipmanagement Colombo Ltd.
  • “The education program at ENC was excellent; I had a wide array of lectures that focused on both the theory and practicality of teaching, and my lecturers were so diverse that I was able to begin to see my future career from many different angles and consider what it truly meant to have the best education”

    Mr. Chanaka Suranga Hemal
    SDB Bank plc - Manager
  • “I chose to do my MBA at European Nations Campus. I thoroughly loved my time as an ENC student. This course has helped me especially in my job. Gaining knowledge at ENC has had a huge impact on my career.”

    Mr. Mohomed Haneefa Alhaj
    Senior Manager - Privelth Global.
  • It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. This
    is to inform those who seeks to carryout P.G.D. know that I
    have learnt so much from constructive input and guidance
    throughout each lesson of the course. ENC have helped me to
    understand where my strengths and weaker aspects lie, and
    what areas of my answering questions I need to pay attention
    Thank you for getting my assignments back to me as promptly
    as you have, and thank you for making this course so
    enjoyable and convenient as it can be throughout flexible
    online class sessions and assignments. My gratitude hereby extended to ENC Chairman,
    the lectures and ENC management.

    Supun Sanduruwan
    AMIIESL, NDES (Electrical), B.Eng. (Hons) (Electrical) , Lean Sigma Yellow Belt
  • “The students’ background of a rigorous PGD Executive Management provides an ideal platform for me to gain future ambition, as well as excel in further studies. European Nations Campus is an amazing place to do your higher studies at”

    Mr Mohamed Siyam
    Retail Manager – John Keells Holdings PLC
  • I was interested in education. The ENC was shown
    to me the path to where to go and also it helped to
    enhance my educational qualification. The ENC is
    the best place, I could recommend for anyone
    higher education.

    Harsha Wijesinghe
    Clark (Management Assistant)
  • It was a great experience studying at European Nations Campus which gave me an oppurtunity to excel in my area of interest. The mentors at the campus helped me to enhance my academic and interpersonal skills.

    I’m thankful to all the mentors and the management. And overall it was a great experience at ENC Campus.


    Gihan Warnakulasooriya
  • “It was my immense luck and fortune to be the part of ENC to follow the PGD in Strategic Management & Leadership and MBA. The mentors at ENC helped me enhance my academic and interpersonal skills. I had received a lot of opportunities to groom myself, thanks to my ever inspiring mentors who helped me to discover the talented part of myself. I take this opportunity to thank the Chairman, Mentors and all other staff of ENC for providing the best services and all the support.I wish to recommend ENC who wishes to pursue their higher education and career sucess. Thank you !”

    Mr. M.A. Asfahan
    Combined Services - Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government
  • It took me sometimes to actually find and choose a campus which is both online due to this current
    pandemic situation, and also recognized. Finding European National Campus was a glorified
    moment for me to do a post graduate diploma in finance. It seemed very conformable and easy to
    follow their lectures and in the meantime go ahead with my personal life. I wish the current students and
    European National Campus the very best for the future and kindly for the bottom of my heart
    would like to convey a message to them to keep up there goodwill to educate more students like
    Jayanthi Jayapalan
  • “I chose the EduQual -UK  PGD in BMS because I wanted to challenge myself with a rigorous PGD programme that combines British quality education and the benefits of a multicultural environment. My studies at the ENC have contributed significantly to my professional advancement. I take up learning and apply it to my daily tasks, especially those related to sales and marketing”

    Mr Ansar Safni
    Divisional Head of Business Development - Water building Materials Trading Co LLC
  • I personally recommend European Nations Campus for their dedicated service, best practical delivery methods, professional lecturers and for friendly staffs. I thank ENC once again for providing quality educational service.

    Regan Rajendra
    Performance Management
  • I have chosen the European National Campus to complete my Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting and Finance is one of my best choice, I am really happy, I had thought to up grade my career in this competitive employment market, I am really appreciate the support and guidance provide by the college, the Lecture schedule was perfect according to my work presume
    The course succeeded in developing my management skills and I now feel more confident and competent to tackle my everyday professional challenges.

    M Irshad Shabdeen
  • ENC helped to achieve so much in my life, I was able to study at my own pace while working. I did it, you too can do it.

    Mr. Krishan
  • “The education program was excellent; I had a wide array of classes that focused on both the theory and practicality of teaching, and my lecturers were so diverse that I was able to begin to see my future career from many different angles and consider what it truly meant to be a teacher.

    Mr. Rashdeera Bandara
    Service Manager - VISOLIT
  • Studying with ENC offers an experience unparalleled by any other institution. After studying with European Nations Campus I was now more than qualified.

    Mr. Yasith
  • “The Business and Marketing Strategy – PGD at ENC was an incredibly valuable endeavor which made me develop my Business and Marketing skills and professional insights. Although my field of expertise is Business and Marketing, I was exposed and benefited from a wide spectrum of business disciplines, such marketing, finance, strategic management. PGDBMS made me redefine and better pursue my career objectives. I can say that my PGDBMS experience has made me more self-confident, direct and effective in the decision making and solution implementation procedures”

    M.Farhan Haris
    BMDE, Emsys General Trading LLC
  • I acknowledge that ENC is globally recognized, very competitive in job markets and excellent in career development for people who like to further their studies and skills.

    Mr. Lahiru Bandara
  • “I chose ENC to do PGD+MBA. I loved how the courses were easy to navigate and you could focus all of your energy learning rather than trying to figure out the system. I suggest to select ENC for their education.”

    Mr Mohamed Nizam
    Accountant - Al Wajbah Palace Doha Qatar
  • The programme surpassed my expectations as I managed to look at current business issue from a totally new viewpoint, got to meet fantastic people whose acquaintance enriched me tremendously.

    Mr. Sujah Muneerudeen
    Retail Brand Manager – VIVO Mobiles Lanka Pvt. Ltd
  • “Studying with ENC offers an experience unparalleled by any other institution. After studying with European Nations Campus I was now more than qualified and I would encourage all of you to choose ENC for your higher education”

    Ms. Gnei Shaida
  • ” I did my PG Diploma program at European Nations campus and it surpassed my expectations as I managed to look at current business issue from a totally new view point, got to meet fantastic people whose acquaintance enriched me tremendously. I would recommend ENC to any person looking to do their higher studies”

    Mr. Imran Razik
    Assistant Manager - Amana Bank PLC
  • I would like to thank ENC for the training which has been of great benefit to me, and my employers have been impressed with my performance. I am glad to inform you that with the training I gained with ENC I have been able to gain promotion. Thank you ENC.

    Mr. Nizam
  • I chose ENC to do PGD. I like how the courses were easy to navigate and you could focus all of your energy learning rather than trying to figure out the system. I strongly recommend the ENC for high education.

    Ranjith Abeysinghe
  • “ENC is the best platform to the professional students to achive their goals.
    good management team with inspiring lecture pannel
    the support is fantastic”

    F.Mohamed Firnas
    Chief Accountant Duct Cleaning Co State of Qatar
  • Dear European Campus

    Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.
    I was looking for a PGD for a long time to manage my work,life and study balance.
    European nation campus could offer me what I was exactly looking for.
    Post graduate diploma in accounting and finance that I did, have well recognised and given me more practical experience towards enhancing my skills and expertise.
    I would recommend European nation campus for anyone without any hesitation.
    “Education will always uplift you so never stop learning and keep growing”
  • “ Thank you to the European Nation Campus for providing me an opportunity to gain knowledge through PDG in Accounting & Finance  and still set to help me to move forward in my career path in finance field, I would recommend anyone interested in accounting & Finance  to follow this course at European Nation Campus, it has been a truly rewarding learning experience and the  European Nation Campus  Lectures and team were all very understanding supportive throughout the course.”

    Executive (Senior Teller )–Finance Dept. Commercial leasing & Finance PLC
  • It was a great experience studying at European Nations Campus who gave me an opportunity to excel my area of interest. The mentors at the campus helped me to enhance my interpersonal skill.

    I’m really thankful to all the mentors and management and overall it was a great experience at ENC Campus.

    P.A. Stanley
  • I 100% recommend ENC for your higher education platform. ENC Campus has its unique course delivery method and well educated lectures, and user friendly student portal made my education much easier. I definitely continue my MBA Top-up with ENC Campus. Thank you ENC for your great service.

    Mr. Bhagya Thiwanka
    Assistant Manager (Logistic) - Enrich Tea & Food Exporters
  • The ENC is good to learn our Higher Education. I really thanks and appreciate the ENC Management and staff. This good environment to learn also peaceful and friendly coordination for students. I wish all the very best to ENC staff and management. 

    Mr. Shanmugam Manoj Kumar
    Hellmann MAS Supply Chain Pvt Limited
  • Without any doubts, I can recommend ENC to anyone looking to pursue their higher education in undergraduate or postgraduate level. The academic management team has been fully supportive in all aspects of my journey as a student. 

    Mr. Afzaal Greasy
    Content Management - Wide Angle Production
  • I would recommend ENC Campus for their friendly and high class service they provide to me. Also during this pandemic situation the courses were held within the period they promised. Also the friendly staff helped me during many situations. 

    Mr. A R M Razme
    Procurement Executive - Focus Apparels (pvt) Ltd
  • I’m pleased to inform that ENC is one of a great opportunity to gain knowledge in practical aspects as well as the theoretical updated knowledge. As a PGD in Strategic Management & Leadership student course, I can recommend this for anyone who like to seek new knowledge and who wants to climb corporate ladder with your knowledge and talent. From my experience as a student in this institution I feel like home when communicating with all the matters. And they staff also very friendly & supportive to me. Moreover, I gain new knowledge & experience for my future career success from this PGD in Strategic Management & Leadership. 

    Ms. R M C S Rathnayake
    Lecturer - Uva Wellassa University
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