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Qualifi is an Ofqual recognized awarding organisation delivering British Standard qualifications through its approved centres such as ENC. Qualifi can provide guarantees to employers, educational centers, and learners of maintaining uniform, stringent, high-quality standards and delivering learning that is both valid and highly regarded.

Qualifi awards are globally respected by universities and employers, equipping individuals with the skills and qualifications needed to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Our comprehensive employer services empower organizations and their workforce with the expertise required to excel. As a responsive and credible partner, Qualifi collaborates closely with you as an Awarding Organisation, delivering current and highly regarded qualifications that meet the demands of a dynamic world.

Qualifi Courses

Undergraduate programmes

Higher Diploma

The Level 4 and Level 5 diploma qualifications are comparable to the first and second years, respectively, of a typical three-year UK Bachelor's degree program. Each level comprises 120 credits. Successful completion of either Level 4 or Level 5 qualifications will allow learners to advance to the subsequent year of a three-year UK degree program.

Year 1 of a Three-year UK Bachelor's degree (Level 4) and Year 2 of a Three-year UK Bachelor's degree (Level 5)

Postgraduate Faculty

Postgraduate diplomas are structured as taught courses at level 7 within the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). To attain a full Masters degree, learners must advance to the dissertation stage in collaboration with a university.

Postgraduate Diploma