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Question And Answer


1.Do we need a prior experience to follow any program at ENC?

Basic programs such as Diploma requires O/L.
To follow any program at ENC, you will need to have O/L English with a Credit pass or an Equivalent Diploma qualification from ENC for a Level 3 program. You will need to have A/L or Level 3 program for a Level 4/5 program. To follow a Level 6 program or a Bachelor’s Degree you will need to have an accepted Higher National Diploma from a recognized University. You need to a have at least 5 Years Working Experience or Graduate Diploma/Bachelors to follow a Post Graduate Diploma at our Campus. To follow the Top Up – Master’s Program you need to have a Post Graduate Diploma with 120 Credits. Thereby if you are willing to follow the Full Master’s program you need to have the O/L English with Credit pass and a fully completed Bachelor’s Degree.

2.How do I choose the best Course for me?

Learners should first visit the European Nations Campus to view the range of courses on offer. It’s important you choose a subject you enjoy and will help you reach your goals. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right subject for you:

  • Review the modules within the course: Do they interest you? Are they relevant to your chosen career path?
  • How is the course taught and assessed: Do you have the motivation to study via distance learning? Are you able to work independently?

  • It is important that learners do not try to extend themselves too far and too quickly, so should ideally choose a path that comfortably moves on from their existing level of skills and experience.

    3.How Do I apply for the Course?

    You can choose your course and enroll online via the Online European Nations Campus Alternatively, you can call the ENC Enrolments Team on +94 77 7767474, and they will guide you through the Enrolment process.


    4.Is the Online Payment accepted immediately?

    Yes. Once ENC has received the cleared funds your course material will be released to you immediately.

    5.Does the campus provide a Financial Assistance?

    ENC offers an interest free payment plan so that you can pay for your course over a set number of months. Contact one of our student advisers for more information about this. UK students may also be eligible for student loans for the university top-up program. Learners should make enquiries directly to their chosen university.

    6.Is there likely to be any additional costs?

    No additional costs are levied by ENC, and all additional learning resources including tutor support, e-books, games and short business courses, are included in course tuition fees. For more information relating to Student Support contact 94 77 429 7270.

    7.How much do Assessments cost?

    Assessments are included with the course purchases. If the student submits the Assessment late, a Second Assessment Penalty will be applied upon the late submission.


    8.What are the Educational Partnerships with ENC?

    We are closely working 3 UK Governmental regulated awarding standards that are assured programs and also which are EU University Attested.

    9.How are the Universities linked with the Modules?

    Learners who achieve an ENC qualification are automatically mapped against a standard UK & EU Higher Education qualification framework. This is a universally recognized framework of credits. Universities can therefore award credits against the ENC study to give exemptions from large parts of their formal programs.


    10.Do we have to make a payment for Assignments?

    All assignment submissions are free of charge. In case if a student submits the Assignment late, a Second penalty fee will be applied upon the late submission of the Assignment.

    11.Do I receive the Help and Guidance for writing the Assignments?

    Yes – All students receive guidance towards the preparation of Assignments. The students can get the Assignment support from the Assignment Tutor via Meanwhile, students are updated with the student guidelines where the relevant details are updated in the Student Guideline Document shared with them.

    12.How can I Submit my Assignments?

    Submissions need to be uploaded to via the ENC Portal, in the ‘Assignments’ section. Students must also provide a plagiarism report for all submitted assignments.

    13.How do I receive the Assignments?

    Assignments are released to students upon enrolment as it will be uploaded to the ENC online portal.

    14.Will I be writing Exams?

    Yes, you will be writing exams based on the course you are following.


    15.What is ENC?

    European Nations Campus works in partnership with the UK & EU Government regulated Awarding Bodies, Universities & Colleges to offer you globally recognized Undergraduate & Postgraduate qualification right here in Sri Lanka.

    16.What ENC does?

    European Nations Campus is dedicated to providing a wide range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses at an affordable cost. All learning activities, materials and content are provided online using modern delivery models to make learning more engaging and cost effective.

    17. Where is ENC located?

    European Nations Campus is located at the below mentioned address:
    European Nations Campus
    No. 562/15, Lower Bagathale Road, Colombo 03,
    Sri Lanka

    Personal Details

    18.How do I change my personal contact details once I have given them to ENC?

    You can edit your personal details by contacting your coordinator by providing the details that you prefer to update.

    19.Can I still access my Student Dashboard if I have finished my course?

    Access to the ENC Dashboard is for a maximum of 3 to 6 months from date of ending the program. This can be extended if a request is made in writing to ENC Student Administration Team.

    20.If I have forgotten my username/password and cannot login to my dashboard, how can I get access?

    If the Students have lost or forgotten their login details, they can request a new password on provision of their email address. Email for more assistance.


    21.Am I able to get in to Higher Education through ENC?

    The ENC programs are mapped against UK & EU higher education qualifications which are fully transferable to a range of other higher education routes and professional qualifications. We accept students who have completed the Diploma to enroll with ENC Level 4/5 Program. On completion of the ENC level 4/5 program students will be awarded 240 credits (The first 2 years of an Undergraduate degree). They can then top up to their final year at one of the Qualification Accepted Universities. Similarly at level 7 students gain 120 credits from a total of 180 credits for a Master’s program. Again they can top up at an Accepted University partner.

    22.What Potential Job opportunities are available after I complete the Course?

    Once you successfully complete your final year at university, you will have a full BA degree or postgraduate qualification that will open doors to many career opportunities.

    Student Support

    23.What do I do if I am having a struggle?

    We have a dedicated Academic support team specialized in all ENC modules who are ready to support students with the relevant matter.

    24.How much support is available for students?

    Learners can use the Online ENC Portal with the given access and get in through the uploaded Lessons, Lecture videos and other relevant information.


    25.How do I need to achieve a qualification?

    You need to complete all the modules detailed in your required course option plus all the associated assessments to complete the ENC course according to the University. This will give you the recognized University credits. You can study the modules at your own pace.

    26.Should I need a specific Computer to study with ENC?

    As long as you have internet access any computer or tablet can be used to complete online modules and courses. You can also study on your phone with our mobile friendly content.

    27.What Study materials do I need to follow the Course at ENC?

    The modules themselves are sufficient for passing the associated assessments which are available on the ENC online portal. The modules contain additional accessible resources that learners may wish to follow through to enhance their learning and these are provided within the text.

    28.What is a Certificate of Completion?

    When you pass a module or an assessment, it generates a certificate of completion which details: module content, level of study and learning outcomes achieved. It is mapped against formal UK educational quality guidelines defined by the University Awarding body. If you are a student following a program from OTHM, you will receive an E- Certificate. If the student is registered under the QUALIFI or any other qualification you will receive the Hardcopy of the certificate.

    29.Do all modules have Exams?

    Based on the Program chosen, the student will have to sit for the Exam for all the modules or complete the Assignments for all the modules in order to complete the Program

    30.Will I be able to complete the 3 Years Bachelor’s Degree in 2 Years?

    Yes, students who successfully complete their ENC Level 4 & 5 in 1 Year will receive a Level 4 & 5 Diploma from ENC with proper guidance and learning hours with a full syllabus of high standard, can proceed to the Bachelor’s Degree or Graduate Diploma with a preferred ENC affiliate UK/EU University.

    31.Will I be able to get a Master’s Degree in 12 Months?

    Yes, ENC gives 12 month Postgraduate study content with 120 credits and 6 months with a Dissertation.

    32.Can I go to UK/EU for Graduation?

    Students will be eligible to go to UK/EU for Graduation if the University accepts to invite the students for graduation overseas. If so, ENC will provide the necessary guidance to the students to migrate for the Graduation.

    33.Who will award the Degree?

    All our Degrees will be awarded from UK and EU government regulated awarding bodies based on the course the student is following.

    34.What is CPD?

    All our Degrees will be awarded from UK and EU government regulated awarding bodies based on the course the student is following.

    35.What is Level 3 Qualification?

    The Level 3 qualifications improve subject knowledge and study skills, and prepare learners for undergraduate course at UK universities.

    36.What is Level 4, 5 & 6 Qualification?

    The Level 4, 5 and 6 qualifications are equivalent to Year 1, 2 and 3 (Final year) respectively of a three-year UK Bachelor’s degree. Each level consists of 120 credits. Completing any of the level 4, 5 and 6 qualifications will enable learners a progression to the next level of higher education at UK universities.

    37.What is Top up Masters?

    The Top up Masters is an esteemed postgraduate qualification that provides an overview of key business practices and is highly valued by top employers and businesses globally. This is offered to students who already possess the Level 7 qualification.


    QUALIFI Qualifications are the perfect way to demonstrate learning accomplishments and skills for career growth. They are credible, accessible and recognized in many countries. QUALIFI was founded to give learners ways to access and demonstrate valuable and relevant learning. QUALIFI awards are an excellent place for career-motivated learners to continue their commitment to lifelong learning.


    OTHM is a global provider in awarding British Qualifications. OTHM is an established and recognized Awarding Organization (Certification Body) which is regulated and approved by Ofqual.


    C.D.A College offers a variety of programs of study to cover vocational and academic needs of the market and it is the biggest private College in Cyprus with four branches in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Pafos since 2014 offering a variety of programs of study to cover vocational and academic needs of the market and help students prosper and achieve their dreams and goals.


    Learning Resource Network (LRN) which is an Awarding Body creating qualifications for educational institutions, independent learning providers and employers. LRN is recognized for its portfolio of international English qualifications for those who want to provide evidence of their English Language skills for their professional or personal development. These qualifications are internationally recognized as providing proof of the skills and abilities required by educational institutes, professional bodies and governments. LRN offers its customers qualifications that are easy to deliver, cost effective and user friendly.